Rebecca Long Chaney
Author and Inspirational Speaker
Inspirational Speaker and Author
Star Becomes A Mother

Star Becomes A Mother
By Twins Rianna and Sheridan Chaney
Edited by our Mommy, Rebecca Long Chaney
Photographs by Kelly Hahn Johnson and our Mommy
Sheridan and Rianna Chaney are proud to bring you the third book in the "The Chaney Twins' Series." This book, "Star Becomes A Mother," is a sequel to book number one, "Little Star... Raising Our First Calf."

In this endearing third book, the girls see Star become a mother herself, and watch as she nurtures her newborn calf that the twins immediately name “Starstruck."

The story focuses on many facets of the beef industry and the good care farmers and ranchers give their animals no matter what the weather may be. The book includes a glossary, beef recipes, fun beef facts, and web sites for parents and teachers.

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“Exemplary! The factual story of agriculture and beef being taught by the Chaney twins is fun and real. The best children's agriculture education book series I have ever read. The book series should be in every elementary and pre-school in the USA.”

– Marcia Callaway, retired educator and beef producer,
Callaway Cattle Co., Georgia

“It was delightful to read about Star again. The children at our local elementary school loved her as a calf (this year they clapped when I brought out the book to read to them again during our annual Ranch Day at the School). They are thrilled to know she is a mother and will listen intently to the story as they learn more about raising cattle. The book is filled with opportunities to develop lessons about cattle ranching.”

– Lou Apperson, retired teacher,
Arizona Cattlewomen

“We like when the twins help their Daddy on the farm just like we help our Daddy on our farm. Our favorite part was when Starstruck got up for the first time to eat from Star. We also like Rianna and Sheridan playing in the corn field.”

- Sisters, Olivia and Reese Hadrick,
five & three years old, South Dakota

“This book is the next best thing to living on a farm or ranch that raises beef! Great job sharing about the time taken and care given to farm animals by today's farmers and ranchers. I like the idea of following the lifecycle of Star, and now Starstruck, and the interaction with Jaxson. I especially appreciate the way family values are expressed throughout the book. Keep up the good work!”

- Wayne Smith,
South Dakota Farm Bureau