Rebecca Long Chaney
Author and Inspirational Speaker
Inspirational Speaker and Author
Little Star... Raising Our First Calf

Little Star... Raising Our First Calf
By Twins Rianna and Sheridan Chaney

Edited by our Mommy, Rebecca Long Chaney
Photographs by Kelly Hahn Johnson and our Mommy

The book that started it all! Discover the joy of raising a calf through the eyes and experiences of twin girls Rianna and Sheridan.

As featured on RFD Television, which goes into 30 million homes nationwide, on WGN Radio/Chicago and numerous others.

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An easy to read text geared toward preschool and elementary-aged children explain all aspects of raising an orphaned beef calf. Little Star: Raising our First Calf takes readers from day one - feeding their orphaned Hereford beef calf powdered milk replacement mixed with water in a calf bottle - until she is weaned at six months old.
They hope their experiences on the farm will help children understand the importance of farm animals and inspire them to appreciate all of God's creatures. The Chaney twins have been blessed with growing up on the same farm their mother and grandfather Pappy Long grew up on. It's a farm rich in heritage and memories with a deep-rooted tradition in agriculture. The girls are proud to help continue that legacy of love for the land and animals.

Rianna and Sheridan are now working on their next two books, one devoted to America's hard working dairy farmers and one on young farm animals, specifically swine, poultry, goats, dairy, beef and sheep.

There is a real need to educate our young people about animal agriculture. It has also become necessary to show urban and city people the good care that farm animals receive. Rebecca Chaney believes she achieves this through the eyes and experiences of her daughters and through captivating and fun photographs by professional photographer and book co-creator Kelly Hahn Johnson of Sharpsburg, Md.

Little Star: Raising our First Calf was introduced while in Denver in July 2008. Chaney launched this first in a new children's agricultural education book series by her twin daughters Rianna and Sheridan Chaney during the 2008 Cattle Industry Summer Conference. Her presentation at the cattlewomen's program was followed by an interview with Orion Samuelson, Agribusiness Director, WGN Radio, Chicago, IL., and co-host of This Week in Agri-Business on RFD-TV. The segment has already aired on WGN Radio and several times on national cable network RFD-TV.
“What a delight! I believe twins Rianna and Sheridan ought to receive “educators of the year awards” as they capture the essence that nurturing and responsibility can bring great joy. Through captivating and joyful photos, to the unfolding of a very real farm story, those who hold this book in their hands will find warmth in their hearts. Who knew three-year olds could be such great teachers!”

— Jolene Brown, professional speaker and farmer, Iowa

“My students will just love this book, it gave me goosebumps the first time I read it.”

— Lisa Larsen, Michigan elementary school teacher

“The Chaney twins exemplify the real story of farm living and food production. We need more books like this to connect the producer to the consumer. I’ve read it over and over and can’t wait for the next book.”

— Carol Abrahamzon, National Beef Ambassador Coordinator, Minnesota

“What a cute book. I think the book is a great teaching tool in a fun package for kids.”

— Terrill Spencer, Spencer Herefords, Nebraska

“As a preschool teacher, I am always looking for more non-fiction books for young children. It’s a challenge to find books with pictures and easy to understand text about real things. That’s why I am so excited about this book. I know they will love the story of the little girls and their calf and learn a lot. It celebrates life on the farm and teaches city kids about the big animals that live there.”

 — Margaret Wales, Virginia preschool teacher