Rebecca Long Chaney
Author and Inspirational Speaker
Inspirational Speaker and Author
Our Star Goes West

Our Star Goes West

By Twins Rianna and Sheridan Chaney
Edited by our Mommy, Rebecca Long Chaney
Photographs by Kelly Hahn Johnson and Rebecca Long Chaney

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Sheridan and Rianna Chaney are proud to bring you the fifth book in the "The Chaney Twins' Ag Series." This book, "Our Star Goes West," is a sequel to book number one, "Little Star... Raising Our First Calf," and book number three, "Star Becomes a Mother." The girls' beloved Hereford beef cow has acquired quite a fan club of young people and adults since the girls raised her as an orphaned beef calf fed on a bottle which is featured in book one. 

Over the years, students, teachers and parents, have been able to keep up with Star's life from her birth to having her first calf and becoming a mother, and, now, moving across the United States with the Chaneys to her new home in America's Heartland. Star relocates with her two daughters, Starbucks and Starburst.

In the new book, "Our Star Goes West," young readers get to enjoy Star's new adventure moving from a small farm in Maryland to a huge ranch in south central Nebraska. The book introduces many new experiences for Rianna and Sheridan while they learn about ranch life up close and personal. It also shows the good care farmers and ranchers give their cattle no matter what the weather and points out the importance of farmers and ranchers to the environment and to wildlife.

The book includes a glossary, fun beef facts, and educational websites for parents and teachers.

"The Chaney Twins' Ag Series is a must have for classrooms, libraries and homes with young children. Full of truth about today's livestock production and the caring environment its raised in, Star's ongoing journey captures hearts of all ages."
-Susan Hayhurst, American Hereford Women and Freelance Journalist

"I love your writing and the books. Your girls are my young girls, ages 4 and 5, heroes!"
-Katie Pinke, Speaker, writer, passionate ag advocate and blogger at

"Your fifth book is a delightful, fun, charming, needed, wonderful book for ag education!  I love it.
-Kaye Nelson, North Dakota CattleWomen

"The ag childrens books created by author Rebecca Long Chaney are quite possibly some of the best books out there for young people . They not only celebrate American Agriculture but share "real-life" experiences of her twin girls, Sheridan and Rianna. The true-to-life images in the book really bring the message home to those reading the books as they are real kids doing real things! I would suggest these series of books to anyone who is interested in collecting some very well written childrens books to their library. Two thumbs up!!!"
-Celeste Settrini, CS Connections
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