Rebecca Long Chaney
Author and Inspirational Speaker
Inspirational Speaker and Author
Farm Life... We Live It, We Love It

Farm Life... We Live It,
We Love It

By Twins Rianna and Sheridan Chaney
Edited by our Mother, Rebecca Long Chaney
Photographs by Kelly Hahn Johnson and Rebecca Long Chaney

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Sheridan and Rianna Chaney are proud to bring you the sixth book in the "The Chaney Twins" Ag Series.

"Farm Life... We Live It, We Love It" features many of the experiences Rianna and Sheridan have had with farm and ranch life. The book includes how they help their parents with the cow/calf operation; a look back at their experiences when they were younger with newborn farm animals like piglets, lambs, chicks and goats; how they've learned about harvesting wheat, soybeans and corn; and how being 5th generation farmers is a legacy they are proud to continue.

A special highlight of the book includes two old black and white photographs of their two grandfathers and one great grandfather explaining how times have changed and how excited they are to still be involved in farming and ranching.

As Rianna and Sheridan grow up on the ranch they are learning more about responsibility and helping their parents with many aspects of a cow/calf operation. The girls now sit down with their mother to write the books and help edit the book. They are careful to explain farming and ranching in a way for young people to understand the important role agriculture plays in their day-to-day lives and to better understand where their food and fiber come from. The Chaneys hope their experiences along with their love for cattle and the land have a positive impact on children from coast to coast.

The book includes a glossary, farming and ranching facts, and educational websites for parents and teachers.

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